I must admit

Even though I haven’t been blogging alot recently on LosTechies, doesn’t mean I haven’t been blogging. Even though Bil Simser, Sergio Pereira and Kyle Baley have all claimed to be ALT.NET Pursefight, they are indeed NOT!

I am the true ALT.NET Pursefight!!!! Accept no substitute and believe noone else!

Who else could it be? I am witty, intelligent and cool all wrapped up into one. This clearly makes me the ALT.NET Pursefight blogger. I am one of the “nobody developers” that would clearly end up being the ALT.NET Pursefight blogger. It’s as clear as mud!

At first I tried to chime in once or twice on the list only to get burned. This make me quite angry so rather then lash out I decided to don a cloak of anonymity and attack from behind the shadows. Genius eh? Before you ask I WILL NOT sign any autographs or kiss any babies.

That being said, the list has become quite boring recently so I urge everyone to start bickering again. Give me more blogging material! PLEASE!!!

The amazing Storm botnet