31 Days of Refactoring Series complete!

Well, we have come to the end of the series. I hope everyone has found some value in the series. Some examples were extremely contrived and maybe not all that useful but hopefully someone can use them at some point.

As an added bonus at the end of the series I have committed all of the sample code used in the last 31 days into github. You can find all of the sample code available for download here: https://github.com/schambers/days-of-refactoring/tree/master

After also speaking with fellow LosTechies, I am now going to work towards turning this series into an eBook available for download after making some tweaks to examples with your input that you made along the way.

For reference here is the original introductory post with a listing of all 31 posts:


I hope everyone enjoyed! Till next time. 😀

Refactoring Day 31 : Replace conditional with Polymorphism