31 Days of Refactoring eBook

Back in August I did the 31 Days of Refactoring blog series. Fellow LosTechies as well as other community members urged me to convert the series into an eBook. I had intended to (really!), but Simone Chiaretta beat me to it and took it upon himself to create the series into an eBook perfectly formatted and threw in some nice styling.

On that note, and a HUGE thanks to Simone for doing this task, you can find the link to the eBook below. I’m sure I’ll format things or may have missed some spelling errors so if you find anything please let me know. Again, huge thanks to Simone for doing this in his spare time. The community thanks you very much as do I.

Pablo’s 31 Days of Refactoring eBook

About Sean Chambers

I am a Senior software developer from Palm Coast, Florida. An advocate of Domain Driven Design, Behavior Driven Development, creator of FluentMigrator and community activist. I am married to my beautiful wife Erin and am the proud father of two wonderful children. I currently reside at ACI, a local insurance industry/mortgage software company that excels in creating solutions using Agile methodologies.
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  • You’d better to set the correct properties (title, author, etc.) of the PDF file. The title “Microsoft Word – 31DaysRefactoring.docx” is not very good =)

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