PluralSight videos: How to change the playback speed

Once I discovered the secret of how to adjust the playback speed of PluralSight’s training videos, deciding to subscribe became trivially easy. It was never the financial cost that stayed my hand, because the content is excellent, relevant, and plentiful; it was the time, and the irritation of having someone talk more slowly than I was ready to listen. Now that I’ve solved this, I must share.

Step 1: Use Internet Explorer. (You can see why I wasn’t going to stumble upon this answer without help.)

Use Windows Media Player Step 2: On a course’s Table of Contents page, select “Use Windows Media Player” (instead of the Silverlight player). The bottom-left of the Windows Media Player offers a slider to adjust playback speed.

Listening to an hour of content in 38 minutes makes me feel like a Time Lord. Learning… faster! Enjoy.

About Sharon Cichelli

I am a Principal Technical Lead at Headspring, developing enterprise-changing software and coaching teams to deliver value without death marches. I am a .NET developer, open-source contributor, user group organizer, technical blogger, pinball fan, and Arduino enthusiast.
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  • That’s great… Good tip. 

    I’ve used that technique for audio books and podcasts for years, and it’s nice to see it can be applied to PluralSight too.

  • We also support playback speed controls in our iOS mobile player.

  • Paul Ballard

    Sharon, would it be okay if I reposted this on the Pluralsight blog? 

    • Anonymous

      Certainly; glad to help. You’ll link back here?

      • Paul Ballard

        I can do better than that, If you don’t mind I’ll snag your pic from this site and include it along with the link back here.  You’ll be the first in a new line of customer submitted content.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, it would be great if you updated this Support article to say that WMP is IE-only, not just web-only: 

          I kept hitting that result when searching for the answer and then getting stopped in my tracks when it didn’t make sense (which it doesn’t, if you’re a Chrome or Firefox user).
          Regarding cross-posting, now that I understand what you’re asking, we’ll both benefit from better SEO if you don’t reproduce the content, and instead write a blog post pointing out that you clarified the Support article. You could also highlight the iOS support that Aaron mentions in his comment. 

          • Paul Ballard

            I have forwarded to the person who handles our KB.  Your post is up, hope you like it and thanks for being part of our user community.

          • Paul Ballard

            Send me your email to paul-ballard at so we can discuss.

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  • Sean Feldman

    Helpful tip, thank you for sharing.