Coding with Friends: You should be here, too!

Come hang out with us this Thursday. Polyglot Programmers of Austin is a co-working study group for people learning a new programming language (or their first), 2nd and 4th Thursdays. We bring our laptops and work individually or in pairs or groups on self-directed projects. Some folks are chatty and some work quietly; we have enough separate spaces to accommodate both. A few attendees are new to developing, and we’re all beginners at our topic of choice (that’s the point). A whole host of languages and technologies have shown up at meetings so far: iOS, Sinatra, Haskell, Backbone, HTML5, Clojure, Prolog… What would you like to be working on?

Follow @PolyglotATX on Twitter, check out the Polyglot Programmers site for date, time, and location, and please come join us.

About Sharon Cichelli

I am a Principal Technical Lead at Headspring, developing enterprise-changing software and coaching teams to deliver value without death marches. I am a .NET developer, open-source contributor, user group organizer, technical blogger, pinball fan, and Arduino enthusiast.
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