Everything’s Coming Up ‘Duino

I just went to Barnes and Noble and bought a magazine with my name in it. 😀

Check it out: “Hello, Arduino” in CODE Magazine, an introduction to the programmable microcontroller designed to be approachable and fun. If you’ve ever had a hankering to see your code manifest your will in the corporeal world, you’ll love the Arduino. My article will take you step-by-step through a “Hello, World” project, even (especially!) if you’re a complete beginner to electronics.

(Why’d I buy the magazine? Not to worry, EPS sent me three copies of my own, as is right and proper. I just wanted an extra one to leave at TechShop. Plus, what a thrill to purchase a magazine with my words and ideas in it! “Yes, I’d like a latte and maybe you recognize the author of this article, hmm?” Regrettable narcissism, I know.)

I’ll be giving an Arduino presentation at That Conference in August in Wisconsin. Please come to my talk, say hi, show me what you’re building!

If you’re a parent or get to hang out with kids on a regular basis, introduce them to the Arduino. You will have a blast building stuff together. Here is a nine-year-old developer I pair-programmed with at CodeMash (she specified the requirements and did all the typing):

Pair Programming the Arduino

I’d love to hear about your projects. Make great stuff!

Presenters, Use Code Snippets for Live Coding