Welcome Patrick Lioi to Los Techies

I am the lucky donkey who gets to announce Patrick Lioi has joined Los Techies. I’ve benefited from working with Patrick at two jobs now; the first was a happy coincidence, the second, quite deliberate.

Patrick is interested in what makes programming languages tick. To that end, he’s built a lexer/parser called Parsley, which he uses in the compiler for Rook, a language he’s designing. His latest endeavor is Fixie, a unit-testing framework, and he’s been chronicling his progress and discoveries on Fixie’s project page. (You can also find him on Twitter as @plioi.)

Patrick has presented at the Austin Code Camp, Polyglot Programmers of Austin, and the CodeMash lightning talks. You’ll likely see him at Pablo’s Fiesta (which you’re going to, right?).

I’m delighted Patrick will be joining our community. I think you’ll get a real kick out of what he has to say.

Getting a Fix on Fixie