Arduino Show and Tell at Pablo’s Fiesta

My favorite conference is coming up! (Shh, you’re all my favorites; now hush.) Pablo’s Fiesta has the most engaging density of relevant content because we make the content. You and me (and some other folks), on Friday evening, propose Saturday’s topics.

You don’t have to be an expert to convene a session. In fact, better than answers are Interesting Questions. Ever gone to a talk and been disappointed when the delivery didn’t line up with your expectations? How ’bout instead: Call a session with an interesting question, facilitate a discussion amongst creative thinkers and boundary pushers, capture and publish some notes afterwards, and you get to have exactly the conference session you wanted to attend.

Sharon, you mentioned Arduino?

Oh, right! Here’s the session I want to convene, and I’m mentioning it here now so that you can prep a little. (That’s allowed.)

Arduino -ino -ino! Show and Tell -ell -ell!

Too much reverb.

Sorry. Arduino Show and Tell:

  • Bring something you made, or at least be ready to describe it.
  • Plan for 2 to 3 minutes, so that lots of people can have a turn.
  • Photos and things to pass around are cool.
  • No computer slide-shows (PowerPoints/KeyNotes), because logistics.
  • Tell us why, and tell us how.
  • What are the big concepts? Draw a block diagram on the whiteboard?
  • PIC, Propeller, Stamp, Netduino, Raspberry Pi… microcontroller buddies of all types are welcome. “Physical Computing Show and Tell” just didn’t have the same ring.
  • Fun!

If you don’t yet have a project but are curious, this session is bound to get you bristling with ideas and inspiration. Please join us.

Sign up to attend Pablo’s Fiesta, and then show up ready for MAD SCIENCE in October!

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