Headspring sponsoring Open Source Hackathon

In conjunction with Pablo’s Fiesta, an open-space development conference being held in Austin September 30-October 2, Headspring will be sponsoring an Open Source Hackathon at our offices on Sunday October 2nd from 1 PM to 6 PM. Over 150 developers … Continue reading 

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Open Source Hackathon at Pablo’s Fiesta

This is something several of the Los Techies crew have been talking about doing as a little something extra around Pablo’s Fiesta. The idea is that with so much brainpower all in one place, we might be able to do … Continue reading 

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Tracking down a strange issue with WatiN and IIS Express

In my current project, we have a system that runs our Watin tests using NUnit. We also want to run the tests in our CI build, so we start IIS Express in a [SetUpFixture]. Today I was doing my check … Continue reading 

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Long time no post

Yep, been a LONG time since I wrote. Gonna try and get back to it now. Since I last wrote I have left the Java world and I am now back in the .NET development space. I’m working at Headspring … Continue reading 

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Why a culture of quality matters

My company just recently started using ADP for processing our paychecks. So far, the core functions that ADP provides seem to work well, in that I do indeed get paid regularly. However, they have also provided us with access to … Continue reading 

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Updated Release Burndown Spreadsheet Template

I mentioned this release burndown template in one of my earlier posts, but I have updated it quite a bit since then, so I am re-posting the link, along with some instructions. Release Backlog Template Here are the instructions – … Continue reading 

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Houston Alt.NET conference

Just in case you haven’t heard, the Houston Alt.NET conference is coming up in 2 weeks – there is still time to register. http://houston.altnetconf.com/home Now, I am primarily a  Java developer, but I attended the first Alt.NET conference in Austin … Continue reading 

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Looking for a new team member

<EDIT – this is long since filled, just in case you’re wondering.> I have an immediate opening for a software developer. Level of experience is not my primary criteria. I am more interested in good object oriented design skills and … Continue reading 

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Refactoring project update #2

So, work on the refactoring project continues. We had a meeting with some of the key stakeholders, and came to an agreement between everyone that we should strive for several small releases. Our first release goal is fairly modest, and … Continue reading 

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CCTray with Hudson

Hurrah! Eric Anderson did some research this weekend and we now have our CCTray lights and speech working again! Back when we were using CruiseControl.java for our builds, I submitted some patches to the CC.net project to allow the CCTray … Continue reading 

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