How to map a domain model with NHibernate?

Today a friend of mine ask me the following (I am para-phrasing): “I have a question regarding NHibernate and mapping. In an application we want to access the database through NHibernate from inside a WCF service, thus lazy loading is … Continue reading 

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NHibernate 3 Beginners Guide published

I am very pleased to announce that my book NHibernate 3 Beginners Guide has finally been published. It is a wonderful feeling to finally have a book in my hands that cost me a couple of months of intense work. … Continue reading 

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Ranting about the quality of developers

I am in the happy position that I work for a company who is steadily growing. As a consequence we were and are hiring new developers. I had and have the “pleasure” to be part of this hiring process. I … Continue reading 

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NHibernate 3 Beginners Guide

I am heading towards another mile stone in my life. Later this year my first book will be published. I have always wanted to write a book but never had a topic that is at the same time interesting for … Continue reading 

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New book on NHibernate

Yesterday a new excellent book about NHibernate has been published by (Disclosure: I have been a reviewer thus consider that when reading this post) The book is called “NHibernate 3.0 Cookbook” and can be ordered here. There is even … Continue reading 

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Analyzing historical data and playing with interactive extensions

Introduction In my last post I showed you how we make history an explicit domain concept. This time I want to show you how we use the history of the cages to generate bills. In our Zoo each cage has … Continue reading 

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Making history explicit

Introduction In one product of our solution we needed to record the full history of some entities. What does this mean? It means we create a history entry whenever the state of the corresponding entity changes. When doing this there … Continue reading 

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We are hiring!

We (TOPAZ Technologies Ltd.) are looking for a junior developer ideally having 1-2 years of experience. If you are eager to work in an agile environment together with a highly motivated team then do not hesitate to contact me. On … Continue reading 

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Git and our friction points and beginners mistakes

Introduction A couple of days ago I posted an article talking about our migration from SVN to Git. During our first handful of days working with Git our team found several friction points hindering our daily work flow and we … Continue reading 

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Migrating to Git

This weekend our development team migrated to Git. As any other migration this migration introduced some friction at the very beginning. But all in all I think it went rather smooth. Disclaimer This post is mainly thought as a self … Continue reading 

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