Patterns of Compositional Architecture: Policies

This is the first post in the Patterns of Compositional Architecture series that I mentioned in my previous post. The Pattern Define an algorithm that is interchangeable and selected at runtime. Overview This is really just a specific application of … Continue reading 

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Patterns of Compositional Architecture

Introduction Chad Myer’s most recent series of posts have inspired me to start writing. A lot. My most recent focus and passion has been concentrated on the Fubu Family of frameworks. After doing some reflecting, I’ve begun to discover a … Continue reading 

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Good introduction to FubuMVC Authorization from Rex Morgan

Rex Morgan and I go way back. I lend a hand every now and again with his Fubu adventures – the most recent of which is a journey into the world of FubuMVC’s Authorization story. The post is a nice … Continue reading 

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Fubu, Spark, Diagnostics, and Validation

I’m going to cross post this while I finish up my next few posts. If you’ve read it before, I apologize. I’ve been promising a few posts for a while now so I thought I would combine them all into … Continue reading 

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OSS on Github – Tips and Tricks

This has come up a few times on a few projects so I thought I would share some tips and tricks that the Fubu team uses to manage the distribution of work. Call them conventions, rules, whatever works best for … Continue reading 

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Another follower of the Donkey

The guys at LosTechies have been kind enough to invite me to their list of authors/coders and I, of course, readily accepted it. Thanks guys! If you followed my previous blogs in the past (the ones without a Feedburner url), … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC Primer: Configuration vs. Runtime

Before I get started, if you haven’t read it yet, I strongly recommend that you read Jeremy’s post about FubuMVC’s Configuration Strategy. He documented a lot of the decisions that were made in the beginning that helped drive a lot … Continue reading 

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