Pablo’s Fiesta Open Space Conference

In case you didn’t see it on the main Los Techies feed, John Teague and fellow Los Techian announced “Pablo’s Fiesta”, Los Techies’ first Open Space conference.

The sign-up page is here for more information:

John Teague has taken the lead on this thing and has done an amazing amount of work on this in the past few days (not to mention several other Los Techies who have dedicated many hours of their own time to make this happen).

We were hoping to make it free, but there’s some cost involved in the venue and probably a bunch of other stuff. At $15, I’m hoping you won’t think it’s too expensive.

You can read more details on the site, but the gist is that it’s an Open Spaces conference, so YOU determine what the subject matter will be.  Personally, I’m hoping it’ll be focused on hard-core nuts and bolts stuff with real code and patterns and practices around code.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re the right person to come, so if you can make it to Austin in February, please try to come!