Announcing FubuMVC

A Little Background

UPDATE: 2012 – Fix links which have changed or expired

I have been relatively quiet about FubuMVC for some time (only briefly mentioning it in passing on this blog).  It has been a project that has been fermenting for some time with a slow start.  Now it is picking up pace and really coming to fruition due in no small part to Jeremy Miller’s recent efforts not to mention Mark Nijhof , Ryan Kelley, Josh Flanagan, and more recently Brandon Behrens and Tim Tyrrell among many others.

Recently, at Dovetail, we migrated off of our Frankenstein’s Monster of customizations and bastardizations of the ASP.NET MVC 1.0 framework to the new FubuMVC framework (specifically the “reboot” branch).

Much Ado

So I think it’s time to officially announce FubuMVC as a real, honest-to-goodness maintained project with a future.

Official Web Site: (or specifically

Getting Started:



Official Source Repo:

Call for Help

Much of the core framework is already done and we’re using it in production already at Dovetail. But there is still a long and happy story yet to be told about Fubu and we’d like your help to make that story a reality!

Please check out the Roadmap page on the wiki to see how you can help.  Refresh this page often or check back to this blog as there will be updates and new project ideas flowing in regularly.

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