Pablo’s Fiesta 2011

In case you haven’t seen John’s posts about Pablo’s Fiesta,  I suggest you check them out.

That’s right, Los Techies is having the 2nd annual “Pablo’s Fiesta” open spaces conference in Austin, TX over the weekend September 30, October 1 & 2.  Most of the Austin peeps will be there and a host of folks from out of town. 

It’s an open spaces conference which means *you* get to choose the topics!  There’ll be lots of folks ready to present on topics, plus there will be lots of open discussion topics (for example, John hosted a session on NoSQL so that he could learn and it turned out to be a really great session).  Is there something you’ve been wanting to learn about and want to hear the unvarnished truth from folks in the trenches? Propose a session and, most likely, people will show up.

I’m looking to “facilitate” (that is, start a conversation, not necessarily present anything) a session on documentation topics.  We’re thinking about changing how we do docs at Dovetail. Dru Sellers brought this up to me and I’ve been eyeing, covetously, the work that the django folks are doing.  I like their style and philosophy of documentation.  In fact, we’re even considering it for FubuMVC’s docs.

I’d also like to get a bunch of the FubuMVC contributors and various other interested folks to talk about the future of FubuMVC and try to ramp up development, documentation, guides, etc.  FubuMVC seems to be reaching a critical mass and I want the community to be well prepared for a boom so that it will be successful.

But that’s just what I want. The real question is, what do YOU want?

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