Code Review Quiz

I’ve been following Ayende’s series of reviews on the Microsoft N Layer App Sample V2.  His most recent post in the series explored a little bit of the data access layer in the app. Specifically, this interface (which has since been removed):

public interface IMainModuleUnitOfWork : IQueryableUnitOfWork
    #region ObjectSet Properties

    IObjectSet<BankAccount> BankAccounts { get; }
    IObjectSet<BankTransfer> BankTransfers { get; }
    IObjectSet<Country> Countries { get; }
    IObjectSet<Customer> Customers { get; }
    IObjectSet<Order> Orders { get; }
    IObjectSet<OrderDetail> OrderDetails { get; }
    IObjectSet<Product> Products { get; }
    IObjectSet<CustomerPicture> CustomerPictures { get; }


I couldn’t find the source for the IQueryableUnitOfWork base interface, but I assume it exposes a significant amount of methods and properties.

Ayende alluded to the fact that this interface has several significant problems with it, but didn’t go into detail.  So I thought that this would be a good opportunity for a quiz.  How many wrong things can you spot with this interface?

I counted at least 6 major problems, though I’m sure there are a few others.

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