ReSharper Easter Egg?

A while ago, I was looking through some C# code and came across something fun that was being added by ReSharper.

In comments, the words “gold” and “silver” are underlined with that color. I don’t know if this is just an easter egg or if there’s more to it. I’m curious if anybody else has noticed this or other words. Ideally, this is some sort of golden ticket added by JetBrains and I win a prize visit to the “factory”! ;)

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  • Diego

    Are you sure it’s R# adding that?
    I’m using it and it doesn’t underline anything…

  • Craig Wilson

    I had a vs extension installed for a while that would highlight colors with their, well, color. It was for css files, but perhaps it wasn’t isolated like it should.

  • If this is R# 6, then it’s a publicized feature:

  • As soon as I posted the comment I had that duh moment and thought it could be weird to see a CSS feature leak to C# comments. Maybe it is an Easter Egg after all (or a bug that can be spinned that way) :)

  • The Visual Studio extension that adds this feature is called VSCommands2010:

    It’s a feature called color hints.

    Apparently JetBrains has brought the feature to their next version of Resharper, as pointed to by Sergio.

  • Thanks for the pointers everybody. Looks like it was a trial of VSCommands2010 which I didn’t even think about. So much for my “golden ticket” idea! :P

  • Neil Mosafi

    It’s a feature. Happens in XAML too.

  • It’s a feature, not a b…er…easter egg.

  • Julio

    Coderush had this for a few years now.

  • I hope it works!