New (to me) Applications

Recently, I’ve been using some new applications on which I should share some thoughts.


I won a copy of this at our local .Net Users Group, CRineta, and it has been great since I started using it! If I just want a single quick query of a DB, the “object-like” format it returns the data in is really nice. Querying large log files (by different names, on different servers) for interesting data is also a breeze.


Throughout a standard work day, I’ll remote into a couple or more servers for various reasons or need to open up PuTTY to SSH into network hardware. This allows me to keep one app open to do all these things while keeping different sessions on tabs. It also saves my settings so I don’t have to remember them.


I recently upgraded my phone from the crumby Motorola Backflip to the awesome Motorola Atrix. Since the Atrix ships with Android 2.2, you get Swype right out of the box. It’s hard to describe how Swype works, you’ll just have to watch a video or have a friend show you. It’s so much faster than tapping and seems to start to figure out what you’re thinking before you’re even done telling it what to input. I’d list this as the best mobile device technology since touch screens; it’s great!


I’ve had Evernote for a bit now, but i’m using it more and more lately. It’s letting me get rid of some paper clutter and cutting back on emails (or drafts) to myself to remind me of things.


ReSharper Easter Egg?