Introducing Formo – Dynamic Configuration

In the off-chance that I have to maintain your code in the future, I feel I should gamble and share this project with you. I created it, I use it, and I like it.

Something bothers me about seeing strings inside square brackets. It has always felt dirty and error-prone. Since C# is now being sucked into the universe of dynamic, I thought that was a good opportunity to use dynamic to avoid these strings. By no means does Formo fix all these issues, but it helps in a couple ways and makes me feel better when I need to reference configuration.

Given a configuration file:

Formo can be used to:

As well as:

Formo is lightweight, free to use, and has no dependencies. Use it now with NuGet:

Install-Package Formo

This covers the majority of use-cases I’ve come across. If you have improvements to Formo, or just ideas in general, please submit them as issues on the GitHub issues page.

Have an idea for a logo?! I’d love a pull request!</p>


EDIT: Great logo from Tim G. Thomas

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