Learn Some Modern Web Development With Me!

So I have this friend that is pretty dang smart and has a lot of good ideas. We were chatting the other day about some neat things we are working on and in the end I convinced Brad to blog about them. I haven’t been as “bloggy” lately so I thought the Los Techies audience could get some use out of Brad’s topics if he posted them as our guest blogger of the moment. I hope you enjoy his upcoming posts on Building Realtime HTML5 Apps!

About the author: Brad

is a badass JavaScript coder who enjoys building cool stuff and long walks on the beach. As the Founder/CTO at TechPines, he has worked with large companies and startups to build cutting-edge applications based on HTML5 and Node.js. He is the creator of Bone.io, a realtime HTML5 framework, and is the author of Embracing Disruption: A Cloud Revolution Manifesto.

About Chris Missal

Oh hey, I'm a Senior Consultant for Headspring in Austin, TX. I've been working in software professionally since 2006 and I really, really love it. I'm mostly in the Microsoft world, but enjoy building computer things of all sorts (to be vague). When I'm not slinging code, I'm probably out and about slinging discs, bowling balls, or good beer with great friends.
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