Load External JavaScript Files in on{X}

The other day I talked about the things I was playing with in on{X}. I like to use other frameworks or JavaScript libraries when I write my codez. Of course I’m going to want to do the same when writing … Continue reading 

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Hack Your Life with On{X}

The other day I saw some tweets, and didn’t think much of it until about the third one. I usually try to avoid knee-jerk reactions to cool things on Twitter until I see about two or three followers which have … Continue reading 

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C# On a Scale of One to Ten

I’ve had the idea in my head to rank myself on a scale of 1 to 10 for my C# skills. I believe there’s a lot to the language and most people would probably overrate themselves. I thought I’d jot … Continue reading 

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My C# Wish List

I really like C#, but I wish there were a bit more to the language. The Visual Studio team has set up a UserVoice page so you can vote on your own favorites. I have placed some votes already, but … Continue reading 

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I accidentally the code

I’m not going to sit back and let Ryan slip all the memes into Los Techies. After a slip up earlier today… here’s something that I couldn’t help but say inside my head:

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WebApiContrib is Alive

Just a heads up for anybody that hasn’t seen it, but WebApiContrib (the community contributions to ASP.NET’s new Web API framework) is alive and kicking! Pedro Reys wrote up an excellent introduction about what’s going on with the project(s), where … Continue reading 

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Newline at end of file

This is just me asking a question in public and doing as little research on the subject as possible, but why wouldn’t you want a newline character at the end of a file? There are several reasons why I can … Continue reading 

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Super Simple Versioning of Third Party Scripts

My attention span decreases every day too… tl;dr – Scroll to bottom of page for a neat code example… Working on a large eCommerce web site gives me the “privilege” of working with other companies that integrate with us via … Continue reading 

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Queue is Always Empty Using yield return

I ran into an issue in a C# application the other day. Thankfully I figured out what was going wrong right away, but it could have turned into a big headache potentially.

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Using AppHarbor for Continuous Integration

I thought it would be interesting to use AppHarbor as a quick way to get some code with tests under a continuous integration environment. Along with this, if I could also use the AppHarbor deployed web site to serve that … Continue reading 

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