Obligatory "Hello World" Post!

Hola and (Insert standard “hello world” content, here).

Some of you may know me from my previous blogging effort over at AvocadoSoftware.com, or my more recent efforts at DerickBailey.com. I’ll be continuing to post over at DerickBailey.com, where you can find my personal RSS feed, but will also be contributing my thoughts and ramblings to the Los Techies community now (once I figure out how to do cross-posting, anyway).

A huge thanks to Joe, Chad, and everyone else over here at Los Techies for thinking that I have something valuable to say and add to the community!

And per the “Los Techies N00B Ritual and Tattoo” requirement. Here’s my “they’re both full of crap” tattoo. :)


About Derick Bailey

Derick Bailey is an entrepreneur, problem solver (and creator? :P ), software developer, screecaster, writer, blogger, speaker and technology leader in central Texas (north of Austin). He runs SignalLeaf.com - the amazingly awesome podcast audio hosting service that everyone should be using, and WatchMeCode.net where he throws down the JavaScript gauntlets to get you up to speed. He has been a professional software developer since the late 90's, and has been writing code since the late 80's. Find me on twitter: @derickbailey, @mutedsolutions, @backbonejsclass Find me on the web: SignalLeaf, WatchMeCode, Kendo UI blog, MarionetteJS, My Github profile, On Google+.
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  • Nice! Welcome Derick!

  • hmmm..there for a second I didn’t see the pictures on either side of the lettering…

    …and thought it was a political statement. ;^)