Git For Subversion Users: Article And Presentation

I’ve been doing a lot of talking / presenting / writing about git in the last year or so, and I’ve been lucky in the last month to have a couple of high profile things related to this.

Code Magazine

The may/june ’11 issue of Code Magazine has my “Git For Subversion Users” article in it. The aim of the article is to help users who have a background in subversion, make the mental transition and paradigm shifts to git as a distributed source control system. I’ve heard a few people say that the article is also a good introduction to some of the git internals, even if you are a knowledgeable git user already. I cover more than just the basics of distributed vs centralized. I also cover topics such as the SHA-1 commit ID’s in git, why it’s necessary to specify your name and email in git’s configuration, and general workflow for individuals and small teams.


I was also honored to speak at the AlamoCoders group in May. It was a good presentation, I think. There was some good questions and comments from the audience, and they even recorded a video for it! You can watch the video on the Alamocoders vimeo page now. Unfortunately, I only had an hour for this talk, so I had to rush through some of the topics and wasn’t able to get into collaboration with other developers in any kind of detail. I think it’s still a worthwhile talk to introduce git and help get people up and running with it.

Alamocoders .NET Users Group – Git For Svn Users – Derrick Bailey – 5/11/2011 from Alamocoders Admin on Vimeo.

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