How To Set A Page Title And H1 Tag With A Single Jade Template Block

Yesterday, I accidentally figured out that you can use a Jade template “block” in more than one location, and any content you put into the block will show up in all of the locations. It’s a pretty simple trick, but it made setting the page and <h1> title blocks in [SignalLeaf]( a lot easier than I expected.

Setup The Blocks

In your layout.jade file, add a block title to your <title> tag, and also in the body of your document where you want the page title to be displayed.

Notice the extra info that I included in the <title> tag. You can put whatever you want prior to, inside of, and after the block title The resulting <title> tag will contain all of the content that you specify, including the content within the block, by default. This gives you a default page title for any page that forgets to include a block title.

Set The Title In A Page

Once you have the layout set up, you can specify a block title in any content page that extends from the layout.

When you do this, the result is a page that has both the <title> tag and the page’s <h1> title set to the same content.

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