I’m Speaking At CodeMash 2014: SOLID JavaScript For A Wobbly World (wide web)

I just found out that I’ve been accepted to the CodeMash conference in January, 2014! WOO! 🙂

SOLID JavaScript For A Wobbly World (wide web)

Robert (“Uncle Bob”) Martin compiled a handful of principles in to a convenient acronym back in the 90’s. These principles, the Single Responsibl.. SNORE, COUGH, wiping drool from chin… Huh? What? SNOOZEFEST, Right? Why should you care about some ancient set of principles from static languages and arcane compilers when you’re building JavaScript? You’ve got Backbone, Ember and Angular as your safety net, right? Yeah. Right. That’s like driving in to your local auto mechanic shop and telling them you just need to borrow their tools for a bit so you can re-engineer your car. Good luck with that.

You want to write clean, maintainable code. You want your Backbone, Ember and Angular apps to be the stuff of legend. You want to brag about how you restructured 3 screens of heavy business logic in 15 minutes instead of 3 days like you thought it would take. You want to write code from principles and rock-SOLID foundations, from which you can expand and grow as a developer. Come learn about one set of principles that will get down that path, see why they are not what you think they are, and learn how they apply them to JavaScript.

The content will largely be based on my SOLID C# presentations and articles, from my past lives. However, this isn’t going to be some cut & paste session where I just replace the C# with some JavaScript. I’ll be exploring idiomatic JavaScript in both browsers and NodeJS, to cover the subjects at hand. You’ll see and hear some things that might surprise you, in terms of what the SOLID principles do for JavaScript. Most of all, though, you won’t be getting a 1,000,000 mile academic view of things. This will be real-world stuff that you can take back to your project, that day.

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