Working hard and enjoying every minute of it.

I have not blogged in almost a year, I am a total slacker. But, I really want to share what I have been doing and what my team and I have learned, so in the coming months, I will be … Continue reading 

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using the lego blocks to create a synchronized Kanban board.

Over the last 1-2 years the capabilities of the web lego blocks (libraries) have really come together to allow us, the web development community. to start putting together some really interesting applications. The best part is all of the plumbing … Continue reading 

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Tip to become a successful software engineer.

This post is a follow up to Derick’s great post. I could not agree with his view point any more., but it struck a chord with me.  There is more to it. To actually call yourself a software engineer you … Continue reading 

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ASP.Net Web Config Transform Console Utility released on nuget

Overview ASP.Net Web.config transformations are a great way to manage configuration differences between environments. You can easily change a database connection string or change the compilation model for  Here is a link to the syntax documentation on msdn. The … Continue reading 

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Are your unit tests still hard to read ? – Should Assertion Library

I created the Should library to fill a gap in the testing ecosystem in the .Net space.  Simply put, I took what I liked about using extension methods to make a more readable set of assertions, but made the library … Continue reading 

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Using sql compact for integration tests with entity framework.

In my practices using continuous integration, I try to achieve 100% code coverage using integration tests. This is a separate metric from my unit tests, think of these tests as verifying all of my infrastructure code works properly when wired … Continue reading 

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using MVC Navigation Routes in Twitter.Bootstrap.MVC4

One of the features that the Twitter.Bootstrap.MVC4 nuget package provides is a simple route based menu system.  By adding explicit routes to your application you can control, the top menu for your application. To learn more about the Package read … Continue reading 

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Twitter.Bootstrap.MVC4– new release 1.0.71

To learn more about the Package read these blog posts: Introduction Release 1.0.71 Bootstrap MVC – Menu System Some interesting stats for the project. It has gotten a bunch of attention on the interwebs. The package has over 2,500 downloads, … Continue reading 

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Loading KnockoutJS View Models from ASP.Net MVC, for faster page loads

This is a little deep dive that came out of a previous post on my SignalR Series.   Background First lets talk about a little background.  The popularity of the Single Page Application (SPA) has seen its rise and fall, … Continue reading 

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Portable Areas three years later – Part 5

I have written a lot about Portable Areas in the past and thought it was a good time for an update. The purpose of a Portable Area has not changed. This is a multi post series on ASP.Net MVC Portable … Continue reading 

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