ASP.Net MVC – MvcContrib – We need your opinion!

I started working with sandcastle to generate api documentation for the Asp.Net MVC – MvcContrib project (  I wanted to get some feedback as to how useful the general API Namespace/Class listings are. Below are two of the outputs of the documentation. I encourage you to take a quick look at it so that you can provide feedback.

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Here is an html versions that the project could host online.

Here is a CHM help file.  To view this you will need to Save As, than goto the file properties and click Unblock.  If you do not unblock the file you will see the navigation tree, but all of the content will display a page not found error.

Questions I need feedback on:

  1. Does having the Namespaces and classes browsable in this format provide and value as a user of the mvccontrib project? 
  2. If all of the feature documentation from the CodePlex wiki was included in the help file would that make a difference to the value that this documentation provides? (The wiki docs are located here:
  3. Is there a better way to provide general api documentation, do you have some examples of something you like?

About Eric Hexter

I am the CTO for QuarterSpot. I (co)Founded MvcContrib, Should, Solution Factory, and Pstrami open source projects. I have co-authored MVC 2 in Action, MVC3 in Action, and MVC 4 in Action. I co-founded online events like mvcConf, aspConf, and Community for MVC. I am also a Microsoft MVP in ASP.Net.
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  • I’ve always thought .chm documentation was easy to be dismissed. Some people go through the great effort of including not only the listings, but also examples and interesting remarks, but people (a.k.a. myself) just don’t remember to even check for its existence.
    In my case, I go directly to the online docs. Heck, I don’t even install MSDN docs and the VS help is the first thing I disable.
    Online all the way but having a local copy of the wiki, like CCNET does, can come in handy.

  • Roberto Gattinoni

    As far as I’m concerned I’d much more prefer something as

    Much more immediate and readable. But this is me.