ASP.Net MVC framework – New version of the MVC Contrib project! – v

There was a new source code release of the Asp.Net MVC framework .  We just got the MVC Contrib project upgraded to work against the new release.

You can find the release here.


First I would like to thank Jeremy Skinner for his hard work upgrading the release!


Here is what changed in the release:

  • Upgraded to the 0416 Source Code drop of ASP.NET MVC.

    • Moved most of ConventionController’s logic into ConventionControllerActionInvoker.

      • ControllerDescriptor now only treats methods that return an ActionResult as a valid action.

        • Moved the filters implementation more in line with the implementation in ControllerActionInvoker.

          • Removed the ReturnBinders implementation. The same result can be achieved by using custom ActionResults.

            • Introduced XmlResult to replace XmlReturnBinder.

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