Video of the Continuous Integration workshop

Early this week we  ( Jeffrey Palermo and I ) gave a Continuous Integration Workshop in Austin.  We were able to record the workshop and our company Headspring Systems made the recordings available on their website. There is just under 3 hours of video covering the following topics:

  • reducing risks using CI
  • automated builds
  • automated deployments
  • building software at every change
  • continuous database integration
  • continuous testing
  • continuous inspection
  • Software Configuration Management (SCM)


These are not professional videos by any means, but there seemed to be some interest in hearing how we do ci. I am personally excited that we have these videos because it will help me improve how I present this information in the future.

You can view the videos and download the slides from here:



About Eric Hexter

I am the CTO for QuarterSpot. I (co)Founded MvcContrib, Should, Solution Factory, and Pstrami open source projects. I have co-authored MVC 2 in Action, MVC3 in Action, and MVC 4 in Action. I co-founded online events like mvcConf, aspConf, and Community for MVC. I am also a Microsoft MVP in ASP.Net.
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  • Alper

    Thanks a lot for recording the workshop

  • Manohar

    It really helped me what is CI and its necessity in Enterprise applications.

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  • Jpt

    The link to the video is not working, would you please post the correct link?