Using ModelMetaData in ASP.Net MVC 2 to wire up sweet jQuery awesomeness

I recently came up with an approach to wiring up some jquery plugins that modify the behavior of standard input text boxes.  The approach is not original by any means.I got the idea from the built in client side validation … Continue reading 

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Using Mercurial as a local repository for Team Foundation Server / Start Front’N

This post covers how to setup mercurial(HG) as are local source control repository to sit in front of a Team Foundation Server . I am not going to go into the details of why you would want to run this … Continue reading 

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Setting up automatic test runs after compilation in VS2010

I lifted some scripts from the interwebs so that after every compilation in visual studio unit tests are automatically run.  I have been a long supporter of the TestDriven.Net addin and Resharper but I found auto running unit tests to … Continue reading 

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Portable Area excerpt from MVC2 in Action

If some of you want to know why I have not been blogging as much for the last few months..  and this is why. I have been putting my energy into this book as a co-author.  I am excited to … Continue reading 

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MvcContrib – Portable Area – Visual Studio project template

I just uploaded a visual studio project template for creating portable areas.  You can find the release here: This project template includes a little msbuild trick to automatically include all of your content files as embedded resources, so you … Continue reading 

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MVC Virtual Group will have Phil Haack the ASP.Net MVC Program Manager, on Wed 4/7 12pm CDT

  I am excited to have Phil Haack present to the Community For MVC virtual Usergroup. He is going to be presenting on the MVC 2 features.  Now that it has been released, I hope anyone using MVC 1 gets … Continue reading 

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Redgate is a Platinum Sponsor of Austin Code Camp 2010

  Red Gate Software makes ingeniously simple tools for over 500,000 Microsoft technology professionals working with SQL Server, .NET, and Exchange Server.  The company’s product line includes must-have tools for .NET developers who program in C# or VB.NET. Download your … Continue reading 

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DiscountASP.Net is a Platinum Sponsor of Austin Code Camp 2010

DiscountASP.NET delivers the best value in cutting edge, enterprise-class shared ASP.NET Hosting through continuous innovation. We offer One Hosting Plan and Add-ons in the US and UK. Information at On behalf of the Austin .Net Users Group (ADNUG) and … Continue reading 

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DevExpress is a Platinum Sponsor of Austin Code Camp 2010

Developer Express Inc. develops Feature-Complete Components for ASP.Net and Winforms, Reporting Tools, IDE Add-ins, and Business Application Frameworks for Visual Studio. Information at On behalf of the Austin .Net Users Group (ADNUG) and every attendee of Code Camp 2010, … Continue reading 

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Deploying your Server Roles: Using MSDeploy for Enterprise Deployments.

  This is an update that builds upon the previous posts about how We do Deployments. Part 1: Using MSDeploy to automate your Enterprise Application remote deployments. Part 2 Update on using MSDeploy for remote deployments.   The development environment … Continue reading 

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