MeasureUP conference

I am excited to speak at the upcoming MeasureUP conference here in Austin TX on September 26th 2015. The conference is only 10 days away and it is pretty much free (we charge a very low admission fee which includes … Continue reading 

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Docker on Windows Server 2016

Today the Docker team announced the availability of a technical preview of the Docker Engine for Windows Server 2016. This is huge for us and all software teams that work primarily on the Windows platform. The Docker Engine for Windows … Continue reading 

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Continuous deployment

These days everybody wants to try new ideas as quickly as possible in the market. We want to see whether or not our customers like a new feature. If yes then we want to work on the feature and improve … Continue reading 

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Event sourcing applied – the read model

In my last posts about event sourcing I discussed the write side of the picture. I introduced the aggregate which is the target of commands and as a reaction publishes event and I have also discussed the application service which … Continue reading 

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Event Sourcing applied – the Repository

In my last few posts I started by revisiting the architectural pattern Event Sourcing and looked into how we can apply this pattern. I first discussed implementation of the aggregates and then of the application services. In this post I … Continue reading 

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Upgrading NServiceBus – A painful experience

This post is mostly for self documentation but if someone else benefits from it I am more than happy. In one of my projects I had to update NServiceBus (NSB) from an old version (4.x) to the newest stable version … Continue reading 

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Event Sourcing applied – the application service

In my previous posts I revisited Event Sourcing (ES) and introduced in detail how I apply ES when implementing the aggregates of a domain model. In this post I want to talk about the application services that are the hosts … Continue reading 

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Workshop about Event Sourcing

In my last two posts (here and here) I am talking about Event Sourcing. Now I am very pleased to announce that on Saturday June 20th I will be leading a free workshop about Event Sourcing. Yes, the workshop is … Continue reading 

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Event Sourcing applied – the Aggregate

This is my 100th post – I have to open a good bottle of wine tonight! In my last post I was presenting my thoughts about event sourcing (ES) as an architectural pattern. In this post I want to show in … Continue reading 

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Event sourcing revisited

Event Sourcing (ES) over the last few years has become one of my favorite architectural patterns when implementing a complex line of business (LOB) application or a complex component making part of a LOB application. Attention – paradigm change! It … Continue reading 

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