Creating an Angular application end-2-end – Part 1

Introduction In this post series I want to demonstrate how to create a full blown application end-to-end which uses Angular JS on the client, ASP.NET vNext and/or Node JS on the server. Architectural patterns that I am going to use … Continue reading 

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Creating an Ubuntu developer VM on Hyper-V – Part 4

Introduction We have been in the past and still are to a certain extent a .NET shop. Thus it is very important to us that we can develop our backend using ASP.NET Web API. ASP.NET vNext is now OSS and … Continue reading 

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Creating an Ubuntu developer VM on Hyper-V – Part 3

Introduction In the previous two posts (here and here) I first prepared a new Ubuntu 14.x VM running hosted in Hyper-V on Windows 8.1 Enterprise. Then I installed all the necessary tools and libraries to start developing Web applications using … Continue reading 

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Creating an Ubuntu developer VM on Hyper-V – Part 2

Installing MongoDB For a more detailed description of the process refer to the official MongoDB documentation here. First off we have to import the MongoDB public GPG key Then, similar as we did for Mono in the previous post we … Continue reading 

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Creating an Ubuntu developer VM on Hyper-V

Introduction I had a need to quickly create a Linux VM on a Windows 8.1 machine to use for Angular JS and .NET development. I have not been using Unix or any variant of it for years so this was … Continue reading 

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My Angular video series – Special deal

Packt Publishing, the publisher of my video series is offering a great 5$ deal until 6th of January 2015. You can watch my video series and any other video for just 5 bucks! Go hurry… The main offer landing page … Continue reading 

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Angular JS – My Video Series is ready!

 Yes yes, I have been quiet for a long time! But I didn’t sleep… no, I was busily creating a video series about “Building an Application with Angular JS” consisting of 9 sections with in total 41 videos. This was … Continue reading 

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AngularJS–Part 16, Forms

A list of all previous posts in this series about Angular can be found here. Introduction Most applications offer some way of adding or changing data to the user. In this post I want to discuss data entry in an … Continue reading 

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AngularJS–Part 15, End to end tests and mocking

In my previous post I introduced end-to-end testing (E2E testing) of Angular applications using Protractor. In this post I will show how we solve the problem when we need to write an E2E test that involves connecting to and getting … Continue reading 

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Angular JS–Part 14, End to end tests

Introduction The list of earlier posts in this series about Angular JS can be found here. Automated end to end tests are an important part of the continuous integration and continuous delivery cycle. Without automated end to end tests delivering … Continue reading 

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