Los Techies Fiesta Invitation

Pablo’s Fiesta Invitation


do you define, improve, and celebrate Software Quality and Craftsmanship

in yourself, your organization, and your community? Los Techies is

searching for answers to these questions and we’ve invited you to join

us to explore together.

We’re excited about this

conference and the conversations we hope will take place . For those

conversations to live up to our expectations and yours you must come

prepared to:

Engage in open conversations. If you

have an idea, know the reasons for that idea and be prepared to discuss

them without taking offense. If you disagree with an idea, be prepared

to criticize the idea, not the person.

Know why Software Quality and Craftsmanship matters to you.

We know why it matters to us – we’re inviting you to hear why it

matters to you. If you don’t know why, take some time to explore the

answers before you attend.
Provide actionable ideas and take action after the conference is over.**
If all we do is discuss a few ideas, solidify viewpoints, and bolster our egos this conference won’t

have done much. We want to leave the Fiesta energized to make our profession better fit our dreams.

If you you walk out of the Fiesta muttering to yourself we never talked about the really important issues you cared

about, please notice the person responsible for that is you.


time to get to work. What are the issues and opportunities for Software

Quality and Craftsmanship you care about? What are your ideas,

questions, and desires for resolution and future directions in Software

Quality and Craftsmanship? How do we make those ideas happen now – all

the way to the level of implementation?


Event: Los Techies Fiesta

Date: Friday, February 26, 2010 at 6:00 PM – Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 12:00 PM (CT)

St Edwards Professional Education Center
9420 Research Blvd
Echelon III
Austin, TX 78759

For more information click here: Los Techies Fiesta

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