Pablo’s Fiesta Preparation

I just posted our invitation to the upcoming Fiesta.  If you’re planning to attend I hope you’ll take a few minutes to prepare yourself so we all get the most out of the experience. 

If you have registered and you don’t plan on attending please let John know so we can make your ticket available to someone else – last time I checked we were almost sold-out.

For myself, I’m ready for the following:

  • I know why software quality and craftsmanship matters to me.  I love programming so I want to do it well.  I know how I define quality today but that definition is constantly refined and it gets better when I hear how other people define it.  I have a family that needs me to make money and I want to continue doing that while doing something I love – creating software that works for users as well as possible.
  • I’m ready to take action.  I’ve spent the last several months working on my own personal improvement and it’s time for me to do more in my community.
  • I’m ready to hear (e.g. actually listen instead of mentally creating a rebuttal) opinions counter to my own.  I’m ready to have my opinions challenged and to explain them without taking offense.

I hope you’re joining us.  I know many of the people who will be there and I believe this will be a great weekend for all of us.

Los Techies Fiesta Invitation