Observations on the Play! framework

Java stacks certainly are tall. You have your web server, your application server, servlet container, an IoC container, JPA, JAAS, JAX-RS, and that’s before you actually write any code. The Play! framework seems set to change all that. It throws … Continue reading 

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Me on NHibernate 3.2

tl;dr No hard feelings. Life goes on. FNH is safe. So, NHibernate 3.2 comes with a Fluent Interface (sorry Fabio, a “loquacious” interface), fluent configuration, and an externally available alternate mapping in the shape of ConfORM. I made some remarks … Continue reading 

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NDC 2010

NDC 2010 was a huge success, if you ask me. This was largely down to the NDC team, who deserve all the praise they’re getting (and much more). Unlike conferences I’ve been to in the past, NDC was truely by … Continue reading 

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Git E-VAN recording

Last monday (8th of Feb) I did an E-VAN on Git; an introductory talk on Git and DVCS, covering pretty much everything you need to know for day-to-day Git life. I think it went down well, certainly didn’t hear anyone … Continue reading 

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Git: Remotes, contributions, and the letter N

Here’s a few ways to think about Git and it’s distributed nature. You deal with multiples of repositories, not a single central repository Updates come from a remote repository, and changes are pushed to a remote; none of these repositories … Continue reading 

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Behaviours in MSpec

MSpec is awesome, I think it’s praised by myself and others enough for that particular point to not need any expansion; however, there is a particular feature I would like to highlight that hasn’t really got a lot of press: … Continue reading 

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Git guts: Merging and rebasing

Here we go again, explaining the internals of Git with the intention of helping you understand what you’re doing day-to-day. Last time I covered branches, HEAD, and fast-forwarding. Today we’ll dive into the guts of merging and rebasing. Merging branches … Continue reading 

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Git’s guts: Branches, HEAD, and fast-forwards

Lets get some learning done. There are a few questions that keep cropping up when I introduce people to Git, so I thought I’d post some answers as a mini-series of blog posts. I’ll cover some fundamentals, while trying not … Continue reading 

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Fluent NHibernate 1.0 RTM

It’s here. For those of you that don’t know, Fluent NHibernate is for helping you map entities with NHibernate. It’s based firmly on the practice of convention-over-configuration, and can be used in a mapping-per-class style using our fluent interface, or … Continue reading 

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Preventing debugger property evaluation for side-effect laden properties

Property getters with side-effects, now there’s a controversial subject if ever I saw one. Don’t do it is the rule; as with any rule though, there’s generally an exception that proves it. If you’re in this situation and you genuinely … Continue reading 

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