Speaking at ADNUG tonight

I’m speaking at ADNUG tonight about legacy code:

The development landscape is strewn with existing legacy systems.  As these systems continue to generate revenue and provide value, eventually some force will act upon the development team to change those systems.  The challenge is to minimize the risk of changing code, while keeping the rest of the system working as-is.  In this talk, we’ll cover real-world strategies for dealing with legacy code, uncovering tools and techniques for navigating the minefield of today’s systems.  We’ll also gain an understanding of the right approaches, strategies and attitudes for dealing with systems held together with duck tape and chewing gum.

Legacy code is one of my favorite topics, as it’s a much maligned topic.  Everyone loves to complain about the resident big ball of mud, but no one wants to change it.  We’ll talk about effective tools for making safe changes, while hopefully improving the design as we go.

The meeting details can be found here:

From Minefield to Greenfield

Hope to see you there!

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