Reloading all projects with VSCommands

Quite often I’ll find myself working in situations where multiple projects have changed, and Visual Studio asks to reload them, one at a time.  This happens when I’m working a lot with source control, and doing things like switching branches, performing merges, or just integrating upstream changes.  I have to click “Reload” a million times for each project that changed on disk, and it’s quite annoying.  On top of that, VS forgets which files I have open, so every file that I was working on gets closed.

I may be the last VS user to find out about this, but a free lite version of the VSCommands plugin is available on the Visual Studio Gallery that does just what I need – reload all changed projects at once, preserving which files I had open:


Now that, friends, is money.  Thanks to the Dovetail folks for mentioning this one.

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  • Mike P

    Fear not! I didn’t know either. This is so much better than the default behavior.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • There is another free extension that provides a Reload All Projects command… PowerCommands [].

  • rika

    Anthony, It’s not about reloading all projects on demand, but rather reloading them all at once when external process modifies them (instead of having tens of ‘project modification detected’ dialogs)

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