Reloading all projects with VSCommands

Quite often I’ll find myself working in situations where multiple projects have changed, and Visual Studio asks to reload them, one at a time.  This happens when I’m working a lot with source control, and doing things like switching branches, performing merges, or just integrating upstream changes.  I have to click “Reload” a million times for each project that changed on disk, and it’s quite annoying.  On top of that, VS forgets which files I have open, so every file that I was working on gets closed.

I may be the last VS user to find out about this, but a free lite version of the VSCommands plugin is available on the Visual Studio Gallery that does just what I need – reload all changed projects at once, preserving which files I had open:


Now that, friends, is money.  Thanks to the Dovetail folks for mentioning this one.

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