How to fork the ASP.NET Web Stack to GitHub

I find GitHub a lot easier to work with for visual diffs etc., so if you’re interested in forking the newly released ASP.NET Web Stack on CodePlex to GitHub, it’s quite simple.


First, get a GitHub account and make sure you’re set up locally. GitHub has a great tutorial here:

Next, just create a dummy repository and make sure you can push/pull OK.

Forking a CodePlex repository

  1. Create an aspnetwebstack repository on GitHub:
    You can just call it “aspnetwebstack” to make things easy.
    • Clone the CodePlex repository locally, using the Git bash or Posh-Git
      git clone
      cd aspnetwebstack
      • Create a Git remote for your GitHub repository:
        git remote add github
        • Push the aspnetwebstack repository you just cloned up to GitHub:
          git push github master
          • Profit!</ol>
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