How to fork the ASP.NET Web Stack to GitHub

I find GitHub a lot easier to work with for visual diffs etc., so if you’re interested in forking the newly released ASP.NET Web Stack on CodePlex to GitHub, it’s quite simple.


First, get a GitHub account and make sure you’re set up locally. GitHub has a great tutorial here:

Next, just create a dummy repository and make sure you can push/pull OK.

Forking a CodePlex repository

  1. Create an aspnetwebstack repository on GitHub:
    You can just call it “aspnetwebstack” to make things easy.
  2. Clone the CodePlex repository locally, using the Git bash or Posh-Git
    git clone
    cd aspnetwebstack
  3. Create a Git remote for your GitHub repository:
    git remote add github
  4. Push the aspnetwebstack repository you just cloned up to GitHub:
    git push github master
  5. Profit!

About Jimmy Bogard

I'm a technical architect with Headspring in Austin, TX. I focus on DDD, distributed systems, and any other acronym-centric design/architecture/methodology. I created AutoMapper and am a co-author of the ASP.NET MVC in Action books.
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  • I understand you could do that, but it’s kind of a slap in the face to Microsoft and ASP.Net team. They worked really hard against great odds to open source it, and all they ask is for you to work WITH them on Codeplex.

    What do you achieve by forking to github? I don’t agree with point 5. You should edit it to “Lose!”

    • Khalid can you get familar git to ensure you do not post rubbish? Nothing, really nothing stops you or anybody else to commit to you for on github and then push to codeplex. And for ASP.NET team there is not any differenece from where to get pull requests, to merge with and so on. This DVCS world.

      • Just cause you post it doesn’t mean they’ll accept it. @jbogard:disqus even recognizes that in a previous post with his own library “Automapper”, which I use.

    • Anonymous

      This doesn’t preclude anyone from working on codeplex – it’s just a lot easier to view the source/branches etc. in GitHub. Besides, that’s the whole point of DVCS!!/bradwilson/statuses/185038039700094977

      Besides, I’m not NOT working with them on CodePlex, they still only accept pull requests from CodePlex. I even have one already for their team!

      • I love Github, and actually use it for my own open source projects. I am not disputing the tools in question. Also, yes they could pull from a Github repository, but the issue is that it might be harder to have people be involved in what you are doing and comment on your changes when it is on Github.

        I remember a smart guy saying “It’s called being a Team Player. And the CodePlex team is (re)committed to make CodePlex a viable place for OSS development.” Being a team player right now, is being part of the discussion on Codeplex, which also involves keeping your code there.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not interested in collaborating with the MVC team on GitHub, I’ll do that on CodePlex. Instead, I’m interested in keeping MY changes on github, and pushing to CodePlex only when I’m ready. It’s a lot easier to look at my changes, branches etc. on GitHub.

          I understand why the MVC is on CodePlex, and that I have to use it in order to collaborate, but that doesn’t mean I can’t develop on GitHub in the meantime.

          • Then I think we are in agreement then: 

            I would say, play around with the web stack however you see fit, but don’t expect the ASP.Net team or the community to look at your changes if it isn’t on Codeplex.

            I guess that was my original point and maybe I wasn’t clear enough about that, sorry about that. 

            Secretly though I wish the project would move to Github cause it is better. :P

          • Anonymous

            No, and I wasn’t clear on what my intentions were on forking to GitHub too.

      • Gupta Anirudha

        I thing the miror got update late on github. When I clone it from Github its’ updated in 2-3 days when I can see yesterday commit on codeplex.

        Codeplex copy are more frequently updated, Is that Right !

    • Khalid: Some people prefer Github over Codeplex.  Why can’t they use the tool they are used to? Doesn’t mean they won’t push to a Codeplex account and then issue a pull request from there.  No reason to be so polarized.  Jimmy was just making sure that readers know they can use Github if they’d like.  Happy coding.

  • Michael Paterson

    As long as people contribute I don’t care where they do the work….

  • Brian

    I always appreciate a good subtle South Park reference (but I noticed “collect underpants” was inexplicably missing from your list).

  • I would say, perform around with the web collection however you see fit, but don’t anticipate the ASP.Net group or the group to look at your changes if it isn’t on Codeplex.

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