Good bye NUnit.Behave hello Behave#

Most of you who read my blog know that I have been working on NUnit.Behave which was meant to mirror the functionality of rbehave in .Net.  My initial spike was a success but it required that you inherit from an base NUnit Test Fixture.  Even I wouldn’t use it!  So I spent some time decoupling it from NUnit into it’s own framework.  At the same time my idea caught on and Jimmy Bogard decided to do the same thing.  Well to make a long story short we have been collaborating on the differences between our two frameworks over the last week and have decided to go with Behave#.  I love OSS, where else could this be possible!

We will be publishing a Vision Statement and Road Map over the next couple of weeks.  So far I have been able to sell the idea to two business analyst in our organization but I am reluctant to call this a success since it has not been adopted by the entire team.  For a look at how we intend Behave# to be utilized please see my previous post.

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