Remote Paired Programming

I was wondering if anyone out there new of any tools that can enable someone to pair program over the Internet in real time?

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7 Responses to Remote Paired Programming

  1. nobody says:

    I’ve used Copilot (comercial) but not for paired programming. Worked very well for remote assistance, maybe it works for you too.

    Very interested in what others have used.

  2. David Starr says:

    I have used Live Meeting, Net Meeting, and Windows Live Messenger succesfully. Bottom line is any technology where you share your desktop will do it with a telephone. Make sure you have a headset phone and you are gold.

    I have worked all day like this with a developer on the other side of the country. It’s weird because after awhile they get in your head :) .

  3. What about using CrossLoop?

    It’s free and “it just works.” :)

  4. Joe Ocampo says:


    Free and working is good, I will try it out!

  5. Joe Ocampo says:


    In a word duh! I didn’t think to use the obviious, I will have to try that out. Thanks

  6. Beyond any refute, the best possible tool for remote pairing is:

    Everything else is an order of magnitude less effective and pursuing alternatives is an organizational smell. Sometimes you gotta accept the smell, but that doesn’t mean that you should accept it and not keep working toward dispelling it.

  7. Luke Melia says:

    We use Skype + VNC for surprisingly effective remote pairing sessions. A good previous foundation of side-by-side pairing helps a lot, too.