Behave# merges with NBehave

This is really exciting news!

I am proud to say that Behave# and Morgan Persson’s NBehave project have combined into one OSS project under the moniker of NBehave.  We decided to keep the NBehave name because as Morgan kindly put it:

“…it connects to the cousin framework(s) in other languages/technologies like RSpec/NSpec, JUnit/NUnit, Hibernate/NHibernate etc. so it would only be natural to have RBehave/JBehave and NBehave.”

Our influence of RBehave that lead to creation of NBehave fits well with this transition.

So what does that mean to us developers?

Well it means that you get to reference one framework to take advantage of BDD story authoring similar to RBehave and have fluent BDD syntax for lower level testing similar to JBehave.

It is awesome to see the evolution of the this project in such a short time. Three months to be exact!  It spawned from a post that ultimately led to a framework and then to where we are today, with the merging of two similar projects.  OSS is awesome I can’t think of any other model where software could evolve so quickly.  Kudos’ to everyone that has given us feedback and to the hard work of Jimmy and Morgan for making this all possible.

We currently released the beta version of NBehave and have it hosted here on CodePlex.

We will be updating the WIKI to keep you up to date on the latest enhancements and usages of NBehave.

Happy Testing!

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