This is more of a question that anything else.

I have allot of documentation on our Agile Process and I have to publish it.  Currently it is in a Word Document format but I don’t like the constraints of having to version a document.  I love the idea of moving it to a WIKI for the collaboration and integrated versioning.  But, I have to still be able to hand over a document to a regulatory oversight committees at any given time.  So my question is:

Is there a WIKI engine that has a way of publishing the content to a doc, pdf or RTF format?

Sounds like a simple request but am having a hard time consulting the great Google oracle for the answer.

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3 Responses to WIKI Doc?

  1. chris says:

    I’d check out Confluence from Atlassian Software.

  2. Martin says:

    PmWiki ( allows to export wiki pages in HTML or PDF format. Both functions are available as so-called receipes (which are add-ons to the core wiki functionality).

  3. Joe Ocampo says:

    @Chris, Martin
    Thanks I will check them out.