Do you need a sofa mover or a chair mover?

I was talking to a peer of mine Tim Quinn, who I have spent the last year mentoring.  I have to say he surprised me, when one of our analyst argued about Paired Programming, Tim came up with this phrase:

“If you have to move a couch you get two people, if you have to move a chair you get one.  The assumption with most people is that software simply consist of moving chairs, where in acutallity it is an entire household.”

A tear ran down my cheek.  This phrase compliments a post I just here

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3 Responses to Do you need a sofa mover or a chair mover?

  1. I was there in the lab when he said it and the analogy truly clicked. It was beautiful.

  2. jlockwood says:


  3. Nice. Why does this stuff always happen when I’m out sick? :)