Forget UltraMon Checkout Display Fusion

I am a huge fan of multiple monitors.  I currently have a 24″ windscreen LCD surrounded by two 19″ LCDs.  To me this is development nirvana but it order to truly be productive you need software to help you manage so much screen real estate.  In the past I have used UltraMon.  This was great when I was running Windows XP but when I migrated to Vista UltraMon’s usefulness was crippled by Aero.  That is until I ran across Display Fusion.

Display Fusion is an awesome multi monitor utility.  It has a small footprint and best of all it is written in .Net 2.0.  I love that it doesn’t depend on buttons being added to the title bar but key board shortcuts that utilize the lonely windows key.

It does allot more but I will let the site speak to that.  Go ahead a check it out.

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