…Programmers still in the Dark Ages???

Have to say I was a little intrigued after reading this article on CNet.

Which lead me to Charles Simonyi’s company Intentional Software that claims to have a solution.  I couldn’t find the solution but I did find this.

"Businesses invest a great deal of time and expense developing software. But all too often the knowledge and insights gained during the development disappear into the details of the code or at best only exist in documents with slender ties to the actual source code. Another name for this latent value is the intent behind the software. That is why we call this approach Intentional Software™.

Intentional Software captures the tremendous latent value that is usually lost in the design and development process and makes it part of the software. Using Intentional Software the domain knowledge is captured, not lost. All stakeholders – programmers, subject matter experts and others – can have their design intent clearly represented in the code. This increases the quality and value of the software, primarily by making it easier to develop, maintain and change.

Many problems have been solved in our product development and we are currently working on application development projects with other organizations. A few more select projects with leaders in high value application areas would also be welcome."

Isn’t this what the BDD and Agile community is trying to address as a whole? Am I missing something?  How is this innovative?

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4 Responses to …Programmers still in the Dark Ages???

  1. joeyDotNet says:

    From the article:
    “This transfer of requirements from businesspeople to programmers is problematic because the parties speak different languages and companies’ needs change. ”

    And isn’t this the whole point of us striving to have a Ubiquitous Language?

    Also from article:
    “Intentional’s technology is designed to enable businesspeople to express their requirements in a way that doesn’t demand that they learn computer languages. It is also designed to help software engineers generate code based on businesspeople’s requirement descriptions. ”

    Should’ve known! Why do some people think code generation is always the solution?!? This reeks of DND (Drag-n-Drop) “enterprise” applications. And well, there is certainly nothing new about that terrible practice.

    Again from article:
    “”Businesspeople lack the means of expressing themselves. Our proposition is to fully integrate domain experts into software development,” Simonyi said. ”

    Umm, yeah. Does anybody really think it *wouldn’t* be a good idea to have domain experts heavily involved in the team? Is this really a new epiphany?

  2. Joe Ocampo says:

    Exactly! It is funny how if you get a name in front of a known idea it becomes accepted.

    Maybe I can get Bill gates to support the “idea” of Windows developers using Macs! LOL

  3. jssingh says:

    BDD, DDD and the Ubiquitous language are not mainstream terms yet even though they are getting there. The community is playing catch up to the Agile revolution and they certainly realize the mess they are in currently with their existing processes. Someone’s got to get these terms out there in the community, and I mean really out there. For all of us, who have striven for such practices for the betterment of software, these may not be new terms.

    @Joey – I do agree that code generators can only do so much, yet Eric Evans book talk about a framework (Naked Objects) in progress which will take the domain model (or the diagram in this case) and spit out code based on it. I personally don’t buy into such a framework as I don’t buy into tool generated code because of obvious reasons. The biggest one is maintainability.

  4. I always laugh when I hear someone coming through a “silver bullet”. At the current moment, with current tools and languages there is no such thing, nor do I see a silver bullet coming anytime soon. To quote Joe from one of his posts, “It depends”. This seems to be on alot of peoples minds lately, this is no exception. Just someone trying to cash in and develop buzz which he seems to be doing well with an article on cnet.

    Just like you said Jason in your last sentance that it sounds like this guy is just taking Agile/BDD/TDD ideas and just repackaging them to create a market for his company.

    I firmly believe there is a “silver bullet” out there, but I think we are still a long way off from it. I think we are headed in right direction, namely with ubiquitos languages. Although there needs to be much more development in the area of tools for this to happen. All in due time.