…Programmers still in the Dark Ages???

Have to say I was a little intrigued after reading this article on CNet.

Which lead me to Charles Simonyi’s company Intentional Software that claims to have a solution.  I couldn’t find the solution but I did find this.

“Businesses invest a great deal of time and expense developing software. But all too often the knowledge and insights gained during the development disappear into the details of the code or at best only exist in documents with slender ties to the actual source code. Another name for this latent value is the intent behind the software. That is why we call this approach Intentional Software™.

Intentional Software captures the tremendous latent value that is usually lost in the design and development process and makes it part of the software. Using Intentional Software the domain knowledge is captured, not lost. All stakeholders – programmers, subject matter experts and others – can have their design intent clearly represented in the code. This increases the quality and value of the software, primarily by making it easier to develop, maintain and change.

Many problems have been solved in our product development and we are currently working on application development projects with other organizations. A few more select projects with leaders in high value application areas would also be welcome.”

Isn’t this what the BDD and Agile community is trying to address as a whole? Am I missing something?  How is this innovative?

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