Why every developer needs a MacBook Pro?

MacOver the past couple of week I have been debating of why I should NOT by a Mac.  In the past before Apple moved to the Intel chipset, I saw Macs as more of a overpriced graphics workstation with a niche market targeting people who wear black turtlenecks and frequent coffee shops.I was under the impression that they really did not have any viability in making it into the mainstream development arena.

Now a year later and the climate has changed.  Lets see, now I can use a MacBook as my primary OS, install Fusion and run Linux and Windows seamlessly as a virtual OS.  So in one machine I can develop and target 3 specific platforms. 

If I want to develop in Java and test my build on 3 different OS’s not a problem I have the machine to do it.  If I want to develop a Microsoft SilverLight project and insure that it works on Windows, Macs and Linux not a problem I have a Mac.  Developing a web site well … I don’t have a case for this one.

Quality and performance of the OS aside.  From a practicality stand point why wouldn’t I invest in buying a Mac ? It just doesn’t make sense.

What are your thoughts?  Are you ready to wear a turtleneck.  I already love coffee shops, so I am half way their.  :-)

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12 Responses to Why every developer needs a MacBook Pro?

  1. Dude, as you know I’m right there with ya. I’ve pretty much already decided that my next home “PC” is going to be a Mac.

    But here’s the bigger question. How can we convince our companies to see the benefits of them and actually consider providing us the choice of a MacBook vs. say a Dell laptop (like Thoughtworks is getting ready to do)?

  2. mcgurk says:

    I dunno. That apple logo key creeps me the F out. Plus, I don’t yet have enough cash to spend way too much on overpriced hardware. Maybe someday…

  3. Jimmy Bogard says:

    I thought about buying one a few months ago, but didn’t really want to drop 3 G’s on a laptop that would cost half that from Dell, or a quarter of that if I built my own PC which I usually do. People talk about the Windows tax, what’s the Mac OS tax? I’m guessing around $1500 or so.

  4. Joe Ocampo says:

    I think the only way we could convince companies to purchase Mac’s is if your company actually creates software for different OS’s. If not it will be a hard sell.

    Be careful though, the Linux zealot in the room may here what you are doing and say “I can reimage your machine with {insert linux distro here} and run Windows as a VM. You don’t have to spend a dime and best of all we can reuse your existing laptop. Who needs Apple…. Linux will rule the world!!!” Yeah that guy. (not that there is anything wrong with that.. :-)

  5. Joe Ocampo says:


    Can you tax the Mona Lisa?! It is a work of art. Can you put a price tag on coolness?!

    After all the apple glows… It will look really cool against the background silhouette of you and your black turtle neck. By the way you must have a Starbuck’s mug out to the side as well.

  6. joeyDotNet says:

    > “Be careful though, the Linux zealot in the room may here what you are doing and say “I can reimage your machine with {insert linux distro here} and run Windows as a VM. You don’t have to spend a dime and best of all we can reuse your existing laptop. Who needs Apple…. Linux will rule the world!!!” Yeah that guy. (not that there is anything wrong with that.. :-)

    LOL! Hilarious!

    That’s gotta make its way into your new tag line somehow… :P

  7. I have been bugging my boss relentlessly to get me one. The word through the grapevine is that he ordered a couple of macbook pros on the down low. I am parying that one of them is for me =)


  8. cramsay says:

    Jimmy Bogard pretty much has it OTM. I had a Mac a while back – it lasted about six months before I sold it. Buy a Dell for a similar price and you’ll be a lot less frustrated in the medium to long term.

  9. Joe Ocampo says:


    Wow since you had one why did you get rid of it? Usually people love them once they are able to afford it.

  10. From the Linux Zealot in the room:

    Apple = $
    Linux = FREE

    Need I say more.

    Oh…..and Linux will rule the world. Just wait. :)

  11. cramsay says:


    It wasn’t as powerful as the two year old PC it was going to replce, yet it was pretty expensive. That frustrated me. The features I’d thought were cool before switching (Exposé, Dashboard, Spotlight), well, they were novelties and nothing more. Additionally, other OSX features like using DMGs for installation (people complain about MSIs but DMGs are plain daft), the Finder and general UI inconsistancies (such as when you pref settings will be applied) were all too much for me.

    I switched back to Windows with a sigh of relief. However, this was before Apple’s move to Intel, and so before Bootcamp and Parallels became available. That’s not really anything to do with the core Mac experience though, and when you factor in the continuing reports of unreliable Mac laptop hardware, it will be a very long time before I buy another Mac.

  12. Edgar says:

    @cramsay , i’m so sorry to hear your bad xperience.
    i’m writing this from my macbook pro and been a .NET developer i must say this is the best laptop i’ve ever own.
    Must of the time i use OS X for the day to day task, email, web browsing, listen to music and even draw my uml diagrams and when i’m working i fire up Parallels and i get my development environment right in my Mac desktop.

    I was going to get a dell xps instead of the mac, but i plan to develop iphone apps too so i did my homework and looked out for the benefits of using a macbook pro and weighted if the investment was worth it, and oh boy i’m really happy with my final choice.

    just my 2 cents.