Why every developer needs a MacBook Pro?

MacOver the past couple of week I have been debating of why I should NOT by a Mac.  In the past before Apple moved to the Intel chipset, I saw Macs as more of a overpriced graphics workstation with a niche market targeting people who wear black turtlenecks and frequent coffee shops.I was under the impression that they really did not have any viability in making it into the mainstream development arena.

Now a year later and the climate has changed.  Lets see, now I can use a MacBook as my primary OS, install Fusion and run Linux and Windows seamlessly as a virtual OS.  So in one machine I can develop and target 3 specific platforms. 

If I want to develop in Java and test my build on 3 different OS’s not a problem I have the machine to do it.  If I want to develop a Microsoft SilverLight project and insure that it works on Windows, Macs and Linux not a problem I have a Mac.  Developing a web site well … I don’t have a case for this one.

Quality and performance of the OS aside.  From a practicality stand point why wouldn’t I invest in buying a Mac ? It just doesn’t make sense.

What are your thoughts?  Are you ready to wear a turtleneck.  I already love coffee shops, so I am half way their.  🙂

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