ActiveSupport.NET – Update

So it seems there is some interest in getting something like this up and running.  I went ahead and did some of the basic “project setup” type tasks.  Here are some links of interest…

  • ActiveSupport.NET Google Code Project
    • ActiveSupport.NET.Discuss (general)
      • ActiveSupport.NET.Developers (for future use once we have some a group of committers) </ul> I look forward to some more discussions about the best way to structure things to make it easy to use.  On the google code project site you’ll find a brief description of the project as well as a wiki page I’ve started to give some basic info on how the code base is structured (tools, build targets, etc…).  I’m sure all of this will change/evolve as things progress.

      And thanks Joe (for already submitting the first patch) and others that have said they want to get involved.  Should be fun…  🙂

Introducing ActiveSupport.NET