ActiveSupport.NET – Namespace Overhaul

Figured I’d try and get this nailed down as early as possible.  So after some recent feedback, I decided to change the namespacing so that it focused more on “behavior/concern” rather than “types”.  What this means is…

Instead of:

  • using ActiveSupport.Core.Extensions.String;  // containing string extensions for access, conversions, etc.
    • using ActiveSupport.Core.Extensions.Integer;  // containing integer extensions for access, inflections, etc.
      • … </ul>

        It’s now just this:

      • using ActiveSupport;  // just basic extensions
        • using ActiveSupport.Access // all accessor-based extensions for ALL types
          • using ActiveSupport.Conversions // all conversion-based extensions for ALL types
            • … </ul> I’m pretty much thinking the accessor based stuff will probably get used the most.  But either way, by grouping this way, I’m hoping they’ll be a bit easier use.  And of course when our R# 4.0 EAP shows up next (right Ilya? 🙂 all of this namespace’ry will must magically work for us.  🙂

            What do you think?  Is this a better approach to keeping things clean and organized?

ActiveSupport.NET – Update