Create test data for mongoose.js backed MEAN stack applications

tl:dr: I’ve created a node library that creates test data with Mongoose.  You can check it out here: Integration Tests FTW! Because nodejs+mongodb applications are so fast to start up, most of my tests are integration tests.  I test … Continue reading 

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AutoFixture — a Node.js Test Fixture Library

Working on a recent project that was on the MEAN stack, I needed to create test data quickly. I reviewed and tested out some of the existing libraries that are out there, but none of them fit my specific style. … Continue reading 

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Using Git subtrees to split a repository

We are in a position where we needed to create a new back-end server for an application. The current application is on a MEAN stack (Mongodb, Expressjs, Angularjs, Node.js), but a new client wants the backend to be deployed onto … Continue reading 

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The Open Space Experience

Join us at Los Techies Fiesta Open Space Conference October 25-27 An Open Space conference is really a different experience than the traditional, presentation driven conference.  While both formats are about learning new things, they go about it in entirely different ways. … Continue reading 

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Pablo’s Fiesta is Back!!

The Details: When: October 25 & 26 Where: Austin TX, St. Edwards PEC (location) We took a little haitus last year, but we’re coming back this year for our Third Pablo’s Fiesta Open Space conference. What is it? Pablo’s Fiesta … Continue reading 

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Polymorphism Part 2: Refactoring to Polymorphic Behavior

I spoke at the Houston C# User Group earlier this year.  Before my talk Peter Seale did an introductory presentation on refactoring.  He had sample code to calculate discounts on an order based on the number of items in the … Continue reading 

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Polymorphism: Part 1

Note: I am teaching a course in Austin TX on Object Oriented Programming in March. I’ll also be speaking at the Austin .Net Users Group on this topic. To say that understanding polymorphism is critical to understanding how to effectively … Continue reading 

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Combining Modules in Require.js

Here’s a quick tip that I learned today the hard way, because it’s actually in the documentation. In one of my projects, I’ve got a bunch of commands that I want to attach to an event based on what menu … Continue reading 

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Node.js Must Know Concepts: Asynchronous

When writing node applications, there are a few concepts that are important to understand in order to create large-scale applications. I’m going to cover a few concepts that I think are important when building non-trivial sites with node.js.  If you … Continue reading 

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Would you like to be employee #1 at a Software Company

Update: this position is located in Austin.  However if you don’t live in the area and are interested in working with us, please contact me.  I’m always interested in working with talented developers no matter where they live! I’m expanding … Continue reading 

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