Pablo’s Fiesta: Open Space Conference in Austin TX

Pablo’s Fiesta Los Techies Open Space Conference on Software Quality & Craftsmanship When: February 26, 27 & 28 Where: St. Edward’s Professional Educational Center, Austin TX I am proud to announce the first Los Techies Open Space Conference.  We’ve been … Continue reading 

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Making JavaScript APIs Easier to Use

Todd Anglin presented some of the AJAX functionality available in ASP.Net 4.0 at this months ADNUG meeting.  One of the things he demonstrated was the Client Side binding, which is really cool (I’ll have more on this later).  In one … Continue reading 

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JQuery Does Not Like QuirksMode

I was helping a client out today with a JQuery issue. They were well into the development of an applications that heavily uses the JQuery UI dialog widget to show information.  Like most web developers they were using Firefox/Firebug for … Continue reading 

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Testing Private & Protected Members of a Class

In my last blog post, someone asked me you can write unit tests for a private or protected method.  I gave part of the response in a comment, but I need to give a more detailed description. Focus on the … Continue reading 

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The TryThis method

The more I learn and use dynamic languages like JavaScript and Ruby, the more I feel the constraints placed on me by the C# compiler.  Today I needed to wrap a bunch of calls to a web service facade in … Continue reading 

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Wiring Up Generics In Castle Windsor

I’m working with a new team that has a slightly different technology stack then I’m used to.  On most projects where I am the team lead, StructureMap is my IOC container of choice.  I’ve always thought that this was just … Continue reading 

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Demeter Helps You Fend Off the One True Constant: Change

There have been some good discussion lately around the Law of Demeter.  The worst thing about Law of Demeter is that it has the word “Law” in it.  Like all of the SOLID principles, it should be considered a rule … Continue reading 

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Giving Your MVC Views an Identity

One of the great CSS tips I got from Zen of CSS was to put an id on the body tag of your html pages.  This makes it really easy to use one CSS file for your entire site (a … Continue reading 

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Programming Basics: The for loop can do more than increment an integer

This is one of those small things that is easy to forget.  Usually when we use a for loop, we’ll just incrment over an integer so that we can get a specific item out of some iteration.  But you can … Continue reading 

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Ruby and Rake as an executable

I’ve been trying for months to get my partner in crime, Stephen Balkum, to switch to Rake as our default build system.  We’ve been using Nant FOREVER and while it works, I really hate writing Nant scripts. The problem Stephen … Continue reading 

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