Fubu, Home, and Community

At the advice of Sam Merrell, I recently read the Art of Community. It’s nothing groundbreaking nor does it contain anything truly profounding; however, it got my brain going in a direction that it hadn’t before. It gave me a burst of energy that I haven’t seen in a long time. And that? That’s enough of a reason for me to recommend it to anyone.


About a week and a half ago now, the Fubu family of projects got a new home. It’s a work in progress, but I like to think that it marks a commitment to just how serious we’re becoming about our stack. We’ve been around for a while and now it’s time to brighten things up a bit and show off what we can do.

It was no coincidence that we launched our new home when we did. We’ve picked up several new contributors, our mailing list is blowing up, and the interest in our projects is higher than we’ve ever seen it.

We have momentum and we aim to leverage it.


I mentioned that our activity is increasing. Jeremy and I have been working hard through various infrastructure pieces, Alex is constantly holding us accountable for Mono support, Sam is cranking out the docs, and the community is beginning to sustain itself.

I’ve never been as actively involved in any other communities as I am with Fubu — especially not as part of their leadership. The comradery is just phenomenal. I’m supposed to be on leave from all things technical with the birth of my first son, but I can’t help but sneak in a few minutes here and there. Of course, the warm wishes and congratulations from this group of people have been greatly appreciated.

Where we do we from here

Well, there’s a few things that need to happen.

  1. Fix our NuGet issues (Jeremy’s working on this and I keep publicly poking at him — which I know he just loves)
  2. Docs (currently in progress via the lovely Sam Merrell)
  3. Get the word out (Mike Murray and I do webinars whenever we can fit them in and one day we’ll do one together — if he likes me enough)
  4. Keep up the pace (with the help of the great Rex Morgan, we’re keeping our new fancy sites up to date and aggregating info like crazy)

What am I missing? What are you, as a Fubu user, having pain points with and what can we do to help?

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