Introducing FubuMVC.Validation. For real.

As some of you may already know, FubuMVC finally hit 1.0. In response to this milestone, Jeremy and I are hard at work on docs and trying to restrain the urge to write new features until those are done.

Today I’m happy to announce the first installment of screencasts is ready to share with the world. Validation isn’t the most exciting thing to talk about but watch carefully. This illustrates some of the killer features of FubuMVC that you’re going to want to pay attention to in the coming weeks.

About Josh Arnold

Josh is team lead at Extend Health and a principal developer on the Fubu-family of frameworks. He is a proud husband, terrified but excited father, passionate software guy and coach, closet musician, aspiring man of God, and a perpetual learner.
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  • David Driscoll

    Looks pretty cool.

    One off topic question, is that an extension you’re using for intellisense? It looks pretty helpful

    • jmarnold

      That’s just good ol’ R# ;)

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  • It’d be interesting to see in a video how localization of the validation messages (or just anything in fubuMVC) works.

    • jmarnold

      I’m going to be do more very soon. Would you mind posting your requests in our mailing list? That’ll get more people reminding me to actually do them ;)

  • Matt Frear

    Nice work Josh.